Why Greg Pompeo Financial/GJP

We believe to personalize our services. We believe that the continuity of a manager and corporate structure is paramount to an individual’s financial success.

When an individual’s advisor or financial/bank manager is continuously changed, it has the potential to skew the long term objectives of an individual’s financial plan. Large bank owned dealers tend to assign advisors based on the company’s preference and objectives rather than that of the investor.


Administrative penalty of $9,000 against Entreprises Greg Pompeo Inc.

When doing a google search of Greg Pompeo a result of an AMF “Administrative penalty of $9,000 against Entreprises Greg Pompeo inc. “ may come up as a search result.

What is this: Given that we are all now aware of what “Fake News” is, this search result may fall into that category. It is extremely MISLEADING. What the reality is this event has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SERVICES OF Greg Pompeo Enterprise and all its divisions to our clients and community.

What happen is the event was caused by an accounting terminology error by an outside auditing company. An Auditing Company that the governing authorities require us to pay to perform a financial audit of our company. When the audited financials were reported the accountants/auditors mistakenly classified monies that should have been classified as a “shareholder loan”. In addition the auditors failed to provide a shareholder loan agreement supplied by our lawyers. This event caused our company to have insufficient funds (net Free Capital) required by the industry rules to operate according to Canadian Accounting rules.

Realistically our company had in excess of this amount according to our bank balances. In essence the whole event was that of legal words and/or accounting terminology.

Unfortunately the AMF is reluctant to take down or change the notice on their site. However, their Lawyers did agree with our lawyers that the search result is misleading and also agreed to add a “HYPERLINK” that will direct any inquiry minds to what exactly transpired with the events.

We encourage all to read the files available on the AMF site via this hyperlink. In addition any inquiry minds may contact us and we can explain the events verbally.